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How To Find Your Best Employees

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2019

How To Find Your Best Employees

Whether I’m talking one on one with other business professionals, or speaking at conferences, this is one of the questions I get asked the most— Where do you find them? My own success can’t be only attributed to me, but due to some of my best employees. Truly, they’re amazing. Today I’d like to share some insight for everyone that’s asked how to attract the team members who are willing to go above and beyond, or perform at the highest levels of their ability and the field.

Stay Flexible.

Harvard Business Review recently published an article that best describes the philosophy behind finding the right employees that’ll help you grow. “Most Companies Design Jobs, and then slot people into them. Our best managers sometimes do the opposite. When they find talented people they’re open to creating jobs around them.

This has been a huge key to finding awesome people. I’ve been available,...

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Work on the Business, Not in the Business

Work on the Business, Not in the Business

Work on the business, not in the business. I did a google search for that term and the number of articles that came up were crazy. There are so many people writing about this and it’s really a struggle for many small business owners.


We don’t necessarily trust people because we may have gotten wounded from trying to hire people before and then they didn’t work to their potential. They might have quit, or you may have lost money, or you maybe don’t trust them to do things as well as we do.


You are an owner and operator, and it’s not just the owner title that you carry. You are not a legitimate CEO yet, you literally are dependent upon the day to day tasks of everything within your business.


This can be tough. By working “in” the business every day instead of “on” the business from a 3,000 foot view, is not sustainable. It also prevents growth.




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What is Company Culture?



What is company culture? It’s a buzzword that’s being talked about a lot. ERC defines it by saying that “culture is the character and personality of your organization. It’s what makes your organization unique, and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors and attitudes”.


I love how they say that culture is the character and personality of the organization, because I think that sums it up very well. Often times, organizations think that in order to have good company culture, they need to have sweet bean bags and a really neat office environment. says that your company culture doesn’t come from the monthly massages or kombucha on tap. Instead, it comes from conscious decisions based on your willingness to listen. That’s a big deal!


If the character and personality of your organization does not have a leader that...

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How Can You Retain the Top Talent



Let’s say you have a great team. There may be one or two of your employees that you absolutely love, but then they decide to leave. 


I’ve been in that position, where I’ve poured into somebody, and then that person left. That person left my company to go be a missionary in Thailand, and it was really hard for me because of how much I poured into him. If you’ve ever had somebody leave, it’s almost kind of hard not to take it personally because of how much it hurts. 


So, what can you do to retain the top talent to not only limit that hurt, but to also save money? Statistics tell us that it costs a lot of money every time that you have to turnover and bring in new talent. The hiring process and the training done for that person, takes a lot of time!


How can you retain talent to save you yourself time, money and the heartache? INC.COM has an article that outlines the ten things that...

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How to Instill Confidence in your Team and Surprise Yourself

How to Instill Confidence in your Team and Surprise Yourself

In life we all want to make it to the top, but the reality check for all of us comes when we realize that we need a team and people along the way to reach great heights. This is no exception with your business. 


Have you been wondering how to get your team there? How to get the most of your team? How to grow the talent once you have brought them in? One-word that sums this up perfectly: affirmation. 


A Harvard business review recently did a study and their results stated that optimistic employees outperform their peers by 66%! That is an amazing number.


So, what do we mean by affirmation? This is when you are affirming your team. You are letting them know that they are doing it right and creating confidence within them. This is essentially when they are going to outperform their peers by 66%.




The Harvard business review continues and says that confidence is one of the...

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Why your Top Employees Want to Leave


Why your Top Employees Want to Leave 



A study was done by the Harvard Business Review, that determined what the top three things the top talent or what most employees are looking for in a company. They quote the following: the top talent really wants to be "feeling that [they] make a meaningful impact in identifying with the company's mission and believing that it does some good in the world”. Employees want to have a feeling that they are making a meaningful impact, they want to be able to identify with the company's mission, and they want to believe that they're doing good in the world. People want to do work that matters. That's the number one thing according to this article and many others, that employees want. 



Do you want to attract the top talent? Then your company must have a mission and a purpose, that makes the world a better place. The work that you are doing within your company, needs to be ...

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