How to Retain the Best Employees (Part 3)
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How to Retain the Best Employees (Part 3)

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2020

I Am With You.

These are the words your team needs to feel, if not hear from you. Showing you
care and support your employees is one of the most powerful things that can
foster a positive workplace. It’s also something you actually have control over.
As a manager or leader, you shouldn’t be lording over people barking
commands... but rather ask how your workers can be most supported. Ask
about their workload, and how it can be made better.
At the very least your workers should know that you support them. Just like
we’ve mentioned in the two previous segments, making it known that you care
about your employees will give you the edge in retention.
Keep in mind that while creative, none of these three methods costs you more
money. It’s not incentivized. Your workers have a lot of options out there today,
so you need to focus on why they should stay with you.
This Weeks Take Away
Go up to your team members, and ask them how you can help. At least once
this week, find someone— maybe that you know is possibly stressed out, or over
worked, and ask them how you can make their day easier.
Make a difference in their day by reminding them you’re on their side.
Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do to help. But if you’re listening, your
workers will feel it.
Employees that can say their managers genuinely care about them, have been
proven to be more productive, and stay with their companies longer.


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