How to Create a High Performing Culture Part 2
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How to Create a High Performing Culture Part 2

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020

How to Create a High Performing Company Culture (Part 2)

As a manager and a leader, we’ve already talked about how elevating your employees as a management style is key towards building a high performance company culture.

Turning inward on yourself, the next thing you can do to ensure success is to stay curious.

Curious managers and leaders help create great company culture. What does this look like in reality? Make sure it feels right; you don’t want to be curious in the way that results in you sticking your nose into everybody’s business. Your team needs to have freedom— which we’ve talked about is probably the single most important thing your company culture can have. Curiosity that leads to micromanagement will negatively affect your performance.

This Week’s Take Away

By exhibiting your curiosity in an empathetic way, you’ll show your team that you genuinely care. Ask them how they’re doing. Not just at a work level, but on a personal level. Be curious in your employees as people, and how you might further support them with their own goals.

Figure out more information about how they’re doing in their job, and in their life. This will give you heightened awareness, allowing you to expertly manage and lead them.

Maybe you have an employee that’s particularly dealing with a heavy workload, or is stressed. Be a curious manager, and ask how they’re doing. As you build trust, they’ll eventually talk to you more, and give you the details you need so you can elevate them.


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