Unlimited Vacation Time: Why I do it, and You Shouldn’t
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Unlimited Vacation Time: Why I do it, and You Shouldn’t

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

Time off, our workday schedules, and unlimited vacation time are the subject of
my most frequently asked questions. As business owners and leaders, should
unlimited time off be something to consider?
Bouncing off our previous topic of being authentic to yourself in terms of
management ideologies, it’s important to understand that unlimited vacation is
something that works for me, and might not work for you.
In actuality, it’s not even about the unlimited time off itself— but a way for me to
extend massive freedoms to my workers. Knowing myself, workplace freedom
is an enormous factor in how I like to operate.
I like doing things my way, and having the ability to control things how I see fit.
I’ve walked away from a few promising business opportunities, just because I
felt the lack of freedom that would result wouldn’t make the outcome
Because freedom is such a large part of me, offering unlimited vacation time to
my employees is a natural and authentic way for me to show them that I
support and care about their lives and their careers.
I give my team a sense of freedom, because I understand how the mind
operates. Having that feeling of freedom and support will make my employees
more productive, happier, and more likely to enjoy their time spent in the office.
This means they’re less likely to want to leave for another company.
So how does unlimited vacation time work for me? It works because it’s
authentic to my company culture and personal style of leadership.
This Week’s Take Away
How are you going to give your employees more freedom? I don’t expect
unlimited time off to work for most other people. Maybe at your company

additional freedom can mean you don’t monitor regular breaks or lunch hours?
Look through your employees’ workday ,and analyze their daily journey, and
how you can give them a heightened sense of freedom.


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