How To Be A Good Leader Part One
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How To Be A Good Leader Part One

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2020

Are you trying to be a better leader?
Ian Cron is the author of the popular Enneagram book many business leaders
are turning to. Cron says that every business leader and employee wants to be
on a team of people that fight for each other, and die for their customers.
As a leader, you need to ask yourself how you can move the people that report
to you, closer to that paradigm from the Cron quote. How do you do that?
Understand your employees and know yourself.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is thinking your workers see the
word in the same way you do. It's just not true.
You have certain character trains, history, and past that have changed the way
you address, analyze, and attack problems. While your employees might have
similar traits to you, no one will behave the same as you do to a given
This Weeks Take Away
Write a list of every member of your team that directly reports to you. Then
describe how they approach a challenge. How to they take new information?
Are they soft spoken or quiet about it? Do they attack it right away? Do they first
analyze the situation?
Think about how they view the world, and then ask them how close you were to
getting it right. By understanding how you see things, and learning how your
team members respond to them, you’ll become that much more of a better


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