How to Create a High Performing Company Culture (Part 1)
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How to Create a High Performing Company Culture (Part 1)

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2020

High performing company cultures or high performing businesses has become a bit of a buzz word. Everyone is on the lookout for new ways to maximize the potential of their organization, and possibly shift their management styles in that direction

I believe it all starts with understanding your own natural management style, and choosing the style to move toward.

The performance you’re getting out of your team should be the desired performance. When that’s no longer true, you can adjust your management style to bring those results closer to your goal.

In most cases, you can break down any management style into five categories; • Manage
• Please
• Rule

• Support • Elevate

These five styles were picked by an HR company that wrote an article around them, asking other companies how their own methods fit in, and what performance results were achieved.

Of all the management styles, one fostered a company culture and employee performance significantly higher than the rest... and that was Elevate.

Take people, understand their current place, and do everything in your power to raise them up to where they want to be. That’s elevating your team. It’s


obvious when your focus is performance, elevating your employees will get them to work with more energy and confidence.

This Week’s Take Away

The question is to know where you need to elevate your team. So this week work to identify which people would thrive in leadership roles, and provide all the necessary tools for them to be great at leading.


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