How To Be A Good Leader Part 2
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How To Be A Good Leader Part 2

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2020

How to Become a Better Leader (Part 2)
Earlier we talked about how one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a
leader is assuming your team responds to challenges the same way you do. We
all view the world differently, and understanding that difference will help you
make more effective decisions, and support your team to the best of your
In addition to knowing yourself, you’ll still need to act on it well.
All of your preparation and self analysis will go to waste, if your actions aren’t
based on those insights. An example of acting poorly would be the companies
that try to copy what other firms do, exactly, and expect identical results.
You’re not Google or Facebook. You won’t be able to copy the moves and
actions of those organizations, and think you’ll create that management style or
company culture in your own office.
Rather, you need to develop strategies and act in a way that’s transparent and
authentic to you.
Beanbags everywhere and kombucha on tap might not necessarily be your
authentic style of management. While amusing, this sort of thing is a point of
frustration in my own work. When I see people read my book, and then try to
enact what I’ve done in an identical way within their own firms, it doesn’t always
work out.
That’s because you can’t simply copy everything another company does.
Actions alone don’t create amazing management styles or fantastic culture. It
requires the personalities and histories of the specific people behind those
Instead, copy the framework of those ideologies your favorite companies use,
and adapt it to your own personality. Make it authentically you.

I talk a lot about having a unified purpose, giving my team affirmation, and
creating a sense of freedom for my workers. Do those things, but do them in a
way that’s authentic to you.
When people ask me how I can just give my employees unlimited vacation, and
operate a business without knowing who will be in the office, I remind them that
strategy is only how I give my team freedom. It is authentic to me, which is why
it works for me. I can’t imagine something like that working for everyone,
particularly if you’re someone that gets frustrated with the office being empty.
This Week’s Take Away
Understand yourself, but also evaluate your systems and processes of how your
company operates. Ask yourself if its’ really you, or it’s being copied from some
other company or a book you’ve read.
Make sure your leadership is unique and authentic to you.


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